Respect and Recognition
We value innovation, embrace diversity and recognise individual contribution and the potential in each one of our people.
We are passionate about what we do and will do it right the first time around. Continuous improvement and ‘peak to peak’ performance is the norm rather than the exception.
We are committed to creating the future as we want it to be, not what is given to us to adapt to. We will emphasise prevention of problems not just problem solving.
Because continuous improvement is a way of life at BCL, we are highly adaptable to rapid change. We will effectively position our company and work processes as dictated by our cyclic industry.
Our commitment is our word, whatever it takes. We will timeously and proactively advise our customers/stakeholders whenever we can not meet our commitments.
Our mineral potential turns your world

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BCL Limited began its operations in August 1956 with a meeting arranged by John Buchunan, Chairman of Minerals Separation Limited between Tshekedi Khama, Regent of the Bangwato Tribe in the Bechuanaland Protectorate and Sir Ronald Prain, Chairman of Roan Selection Trust(RST). An agreement between the parties signed on the 2nd June 1959 and subsequently ratified by the British House of Lords...
Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) Policy At BCL, excellence in Safety, Health and Environment (SHE), performance is at the top of our daily priorities. We truly believe that all injuries and occupational illnesses can be prevented. Our goal is not to injure anyone. We embrace the principle of good safety, health and...
Overview BCL mining operations are spread over a strike of fourteen (14) kilometers trending north to south. The operations are an agglomerate of five relatively distinct production areas namely Phikwe No. 1, Phikwe Central, South East Extension (SEE), Selebi North and Selebi mines. The productions areas are accessed via...
Our Product
Product Fact Sheets BCL concentrate is processed through a concentrator and the concentrate produced is smelted in an Outokumpu designed flash smelting furnace to finally yield two matte products. The matte contains nickel, copper and cobalt in sulphide forms, and is shipped to Norway and Zimbabwe for further refining. The...
OUR STRATEGY In Pursuit of excellence in our business processes, we launched a new strategy named A Re Chencheng in 2007, which redefined bcl Limited Vision, Purpose, Brand Promise and Corporate Values. Loosely defined, A Re Chencheng calls for, change in doing things the way we have been doing them. The strategy was...
BCL Delivers another Matsieng Project
2016 Softball Extravaganza - Thank You
BCL Re-organises the Business

Any corruption, theft or dishonesty... Play a fair game. Phone the Hotline: 0800 60 06 45 Totally Anonymous!

BCL is a mining and smelting company. The Company began its operations in August 1956 with a meeting arranged...

Behaviour Based Care (BBC) & 5S Process are two behaviour intervention techniques aimed at helping BCL Limited to achieve Zero Harm in the workplace.